tyler benedict is an expert on content marketing strategy for digital publishers and brands


Founder - Bikerumor.com


Tyler has built Bikerumor into the world’s largest cycling tech blog by continually evolving the content to match reader interests with brands’ desires to connect on a more meaningful level. Their honest, straightforward and fully transparent branded content strategy is the model for others looking to add value for both readers and brands.

melanie deziel speaking calendar includes peak content summit 2020


Founder - StoryFuel


Melanie is founder of StoryFuel, teaching marketers, publishers, creators & companies how to tell better brand stories. Prior to that, she was the editor of branded content at The New York Times, a founding member of HuffPost’s brand storytelling team, and served as Director of Creative Strategy for Time Inc. Her first book, Content Fuel, debuts in March.

harmon brothers ceo benton crane will speak at peak content summit 2020


CEO - Harmon Brothers


Benton Crane is CEO of Harmon Brothers, the creative agency behind wildly viral video campaigns that have racked up more than 1 Billion (with a "B") views for Squatty Potty, FiberFix, Chatbooks and PooPourri. Their use of humor and strong visuals make their clients' ads massively memorable and shareable while generating more than $300 million in sales!

Stephen Regenold@4x


Founder/ Editorial Director - GearJunkie.com


Stephen grew GearJunkie from a local newspaper column to a nationally syndicated column, then turned it into one of the largest, most popular outdoor gear & lifestyle media outlets in the world. Their ability to produce large-scale, highly integrated & content-centered campaigns have landed clients like Patagonia, Eddie Bauer, Columbia, Yeti Coolers, REI & more.



Production Marketing Team


Learn the secrets of GoPro’s phenomenal crowd-sourced launch videos from the lead production team responsible for sourcing, editing & creating a video that has to convince consumers to upgrade their camera every year! There’s more to the story than you know, and they’ll share the secrets of a successful UGC (user generated content) campaign.

nzinga blake explains how to make your content marketing more diverse and inclusive to reach new markets


Executive Producer - Tribune Media


Nzinga C. Blake is a child of the world, growing up in Tokyo, Nairobi and the U.S. After graduating UCLA's School of Film, becoming an award winning TV personality, writer, producer, actress and social impact filmmaker on ABC, CW, Showtime, BET & more, she built Tribune Media's Google News Initiative content arm for underrepresented & marginalized voices.



Head of Marketing - Ezoic


Tyler is a certified SEO marketing expert who runs Pubtelligence, the largest global series of digital publishing events held at Google headquarters worldwide. Ezoic is a leading platform for A.I.-based digital marketing, a Google Certified Partner, and Tyler heads up the marketing department and advises on white hat SEO best practices.

rob wiltsey tells how to create a good story arc for your content marketing


Founder - RWCP Video Marketing

Rob is a video marketing strategist & content producer who has created effective storytelling projects for brands like Goodwill, Delta Airlines, The Hollywood Reporter, Strava, Salvation Army & many more. At RWCP, his team partners with clients to elevate their brand through premium, results-driven creative video content.

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